Game Schedule

Armistice Arcane Game Schedule

Note: Once the game begins at 5:30 on Friday, roleplay will continue until the game closes down at midnight on Saturday.  Below is a list of events that will occur throughout the game, but otherwise, the second floor will be open to players until we shut down.


Friday, January 5

10:00AM-1:00PM        Check In with Armistice Arcane Crew — Denechaud Ballroom

1:00PM-3:00PM          Introductions and Workshop — Denechaud Ballroom

3:00PM-4:00PM          Faction Meetings — 2nd Floor

5:30PM-7:00PM          Game begins with dinner — Crystal Ballroom

7:00PM-12:00AM        Play in both the Crystal Ballroom and the second floor


Saturday, January 6

8:00AM-9:00AM         Breakfast — Denechaud Ballroom

10:00AM-12:00PM     Making Alliances Through Dancing: Lessons for the Ballroom — Denechaud Ballroom

1:00PM-2:00PM          Light lunch — Denechaud Ballroom

4:00PM-5:00PM          Tea Service — Denechaud Ballroom

7:00PM-10:00PM        Grand Armistice Banquet and Ball — Crystal Ballroom

10:00PM-12:00AM      Play in both the Crystal Ballroom and the second floor

12:00AM-2:00AM      After game visiting and relaxing


Sunday, January 7

9:00AM-10:30AM       Breakfast — Denechaud Ballroom

11:00AM-1:00PM        Debrief and goodbyes  — Denechaud Ballroom


The “Library” (i.e. the Puzzle/Escape Room) will be open Friday night for groups of 4-7 at 7:00PM, 8:30PM, and 10:00PM.  It will be open on Saturday at 9:00AM, 11:30AM, and 2:00PM.


First Floor:

  • Crystal Ballroom

Second Floor:

  • Denechaud Ballroom
  • Orleans, Bienville, Baronne, Gravier, Boardroom

Ninth Floor:

  • “Library” in the ST Suite